The path less traveled

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It’s amazing how used to traveling abroad for our summer holidays many of us have become. Perhaps, it’s made us blind to some of the incredible places of natural beauty that are right under our noses!

Is it possible we’ve seen more of the rest of the world than our own country?

As many of us come to terms with the realisation that a staycation might be the best we can hope for this summer, it’s worth remembering the UK really does offer some incredible places to visit.

Here are a few of our team’s favourites…

Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk
Whitstable, Kent
Grasmere, Lake District
Northwest Sutherland, Durness, Scotland
Llanbrynmair - Mid Wales

When we started SBTRCT, we took travel into consideration right from the start. Whether that was taking our products overnight, to the gym, or on holiday we wanted to ensure our products were travel-friendly.

Our solid skincare products take up less room than liquid products, negate spills and mean you don’t have to spend any time decanting into smaller bottles or buying minis that only add to plastic pollution.

If you’re lucky enough to be going overseas, of course, you have the added bonus of getting through security without a hitch (or a plastic bag)! Solid products like ours can stay in your hand luggage with no faffing about.

You can pack your SBTRCT products in one of our bamboo pots, cotton travel pouches, or simply pat dry, wrap in a dry face towel, and pop it in your luggage.

So wherever your adventures take you this year, have a great time and stay safe!