Use every morning. Warm the product between your hands until you feel it begin to ease. Apply to face with fingers paying particular attention to the area around the eye, upper lip and jaw line.


Our Cleansing products never contain soap. Instead they are based on naturally derived, Palm Free ‘surfactants’ or ‘tension-active agents’. These surfactants have an affinity for oils and repel water, surrounding dirt with small structures that are then removed by water. The main advantage our Cleansers have over soap is that they have a lower, skin friendly pH is achieved (5.0 – 5.5) and as such is far more suitable for cleansing sensitive skin.

SBTRCT products have been dermatologically approved and are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Our skincare products are manufactured with love here in the UK.

We use a small concentration of Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid to preserve our products. Based on natural sources this is very safe preservative system that in combination is broad spectrum and works to combat bacteria, yeasts and moulds if the bar becomes damp/wet.

All our formulations are also challenge tested* by an independent laboratory here in the UK to ensure the system’s effectiveness in preventing microbial development.

*A challenge test is a procedure in which a product is challenged by exposure to specified types of bacteria and fungi to determine whether it is adequately preserved.

SBTRCT products are great for travel. Our solid products take up less room in the case, negate spills and get you through security without a hitch (or a plastic bag) in sight!

You can pack your products in one of our bamboo pots, cotton travel pouches, or simply pat dry, wrap in a dry face towel and pop it in your luggage.

On average our bars will last twice as long as a traditional product.

They last longest when used according to our Directions. Use our storage accessories for best results.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser, 90g - Used daily this product will last 10 - 12 weeks

Clarifying Facial Exfoliator, 70g - Used twice a week this product will last 18 - 20 weeks

Makeup Melt, 70g - Used daily this product will last 10 - 12 weeks

Moisturising Facial Balm, 50g - Used daily this product will last 8 - 10 weeks

Rejuvenating Night Balm, 24g - Used four times a week this product will last 4 - 6 weeks

Vitamin C Booster, 30g - Used four times a week this product will last 4 - 6 weeks

Discovery Sets - Used daily these sets will last 2-4 weeks.

Because SBTRCT products are hand made this can happen from time to time in the production process and is actually the crystallisation of some of the natural ingredients we use. It is nothing to worry about and won’t affect the efficacy of the product.


All our products are certified as cruelty free by Cruelty Free International. We never test our products on animals and never use any animal derived ingredients.

Yes. None of product contain palm oil or palm derived ingredients.

Yes. All are products are certified by The Vegan Society and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

We have worked hard to reduce the water content in our products to a nominal level. We never add water to our formulations during the manufacturing process to bulk out our products and no formulation is made up of more than 0.5% water. The rest is just concentrated skincare goodness!

All the water you need to get the best out of our formulations you can get from a second or two under the tap.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that customers who suffer from allergies will not react to our formulations.
In addition to some types of nuts being present, materials derived from nuts or containing gluten are commonly used in cosmetic and toiletry formulations and as such our manufacturers and suppliers do handle these materials.


Yes. Much like the products themselves we believe Less is More. We strive to ensure that all the packaging materials we use have as little impact on our environment as possible.

The product packaging, (so the cartons, the film wrap for the bar in the carton and the tamper seal label), are all domestically compostable.  This means they fulfil the evaluation criteria for material characteristic, biodegradation, disintegration and compost quality required to be certified compostable under EN13432 (the EU composting standard).  They are also certified under the international OK Compost Home certification programme managed by TUV in Austria.

Everything else you might receive with an order, (so the mailer box, void fill, product protection and packing tape), is all recyclable.

This is just the start of our journey. Our goal is for our packaging to leave no trace. We will continue to work on this and introduce more packaging innovations as we grow and evolve.


Standard delivery within the UK costs £3.99 and will take around 3-5 working days but for orders over £30, postage is FREE! We also have a next day UK delivery option for £5.99.

Much like the products themselves we believe Less is More. We do our very best to keep our order packaging to a minimum. All materials used are domestically compostable and/or recyclable.

Right now we’re in our infancy and so we’re only shipping to locations within the UK. Sign up to our newsletter for updates on shipping locations.

Standard shipping will take around 2-3 working days, however we also have a next day UK delivery option for £5.99.

To amend your order, please contact us within one hour of placing your order. Unfortunately, once your order has been shipped, we cannot redirect your parcel.

Once you’ve placed your order, you will be sent a confirmation email with your tracking number. If for any reason you didn’t receive your tracking number, please contact us and we will send it over to you.

We’re so sorry to hear that! From time to time mistakes do happen. Contact us and we’ll get the right products out to you ASAP.

Please see our full Returns + Refunds Policy here.


SBTRCT is actually pronounced "Subtract". It was born out of our one guiding principle: less is more. By stripping out all the things we don’t need in life, we are more able to love the things we have made a conscious choice to keep. We apply this ethos to everything we do.  Removing the vowels seemed the obvious step to take!