The SBTRCT scent profile

1 min read

When we set out to create SBTRCT we knew that getting our fragrance right was a crucial step, but not an easy one.

Some skincare brands choose to be fragrance-free, but for us, the skincare experience is not just physical. Scent plays a fundamental role in creating a sense of well-being and promoting relaxation which, we believe, is an important element of skincare.

Of course, scent can be subjective, but working closely with our fragrance house, we’ve created something unique, that enhances the SBTRCT experience.

We’ve chosen to share with you the scent profile to give you some insight into what to expect…

A beautifully fragrant natural blend dominated by Egyptian Geranium complemented with Rose Absolute and Lavender to enhance the sense of wellbeing and promote relaxation.

Hints of Sweet Orange and Bergamot add a light citrus lift to the top whilst earthy Patchouli and creamy Tonka Bean provide a smooth, rich canvas for the composition.

We can’t wait for you to experience it!