The SBTRCT Mission

Why we exist

We’re in business to clean up the beauty industry. Our mission is to create the highest performing skincare products with the lowest environmental impact.

Everything your skin needs…

Our skincare is for people who want to reduce their environmental impact, without compromising on great skin.

We pioneer a new solid format of high performing, sustainable skincare and innovate to bring first-to-market formulations using proven ingredients that deliver results.

…without the waste the planet doesn't

Ironically, skincare is an industry that has been created to cleanse and care, and yet it’s making our planet a dirty place. Our solid format provides a unique way to tackle what we believe to be the key environmental challenges facing our industry….

1) Plastic pollution - The beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging a year. Much of it is plastic, yet less than 50% of people in the UK recycle their bathroom waste. And even if they do, much of what is put in the recycling bin is either incinerated, ends up in landfill or devastatingly, in our oceans.

SBTRCT is 100% plastic free.


2) Water scarcity - Traditional creams and lotions contain up to 80% water. Water poverty is set to impact two-thirds of the population by 2025. We urgently need to reduce the unnecessary use of water in our production processes and our formulations.

SBTRCT contains no added water.


3) Over reliance on palm oil - Currently, 70% of personal care products today contain palm oil derivatives. Our over reliance on palm oil is a major driver of deforestation contributing to global warming, threatening the existence of wildlife and destroying our ecosystems.

SBTRCT is 100% palm- oil free and contains no palm derived ingredients.


Our Ethos

At SBTRCT we have one guiding principle; less is more.

By stripping out all the things we don’t need in life, we are more able to love the things we have made a conscious choice to keep. We believe this to be the future of our society.

We apply this ethos to the creation of our skincare - through our formulations, our aesthetic and our manufacturing processes.


Nothing changes, if nothing changes

We recognise that to have a meaningful impact requires evolution. This goes beyond our mission to tackle the key environmental challenges facing the beauty industry. It also covers our attitudes to our customers, the communities we touch and the living world around us.

Our goal is to create skincare for all skin types - not specifically for or excluding any race, age or gender.

We will not use ingredients that have been tested on animals or derived from animal sources.

Our role within our communities is to deliver shared value by offering our time and resources to improve the social and environmental conditions for those communities.