Everything you need to know about the best Waterless Beauty

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Did you know that 80% of your favourite skincare product could be unnecessarily made up of water?

That means you are paying for 20% ingredients and 80% for something that comes out of your bathroom tap! 🤯

Today is World Water Day.

An annual global awareness day, where our attention is focussed on the millions of people who, in 2023, still do not have access to fresh water and sanitation.

Continued water scarcity means everyone needs to take action and increase mindfulness around water usage.

Including the beauty industry (who use gazillions).

Which is madness really, when you don’t actually need water in your skincare products.

Our award winning, waterless, solid skincare range is concentrated, lasts on average 2x as long and meets skincare needs just as effectively as traditional formulations.

Plus, unnecessary water adds weight to products, which adds weight to shipping, which increases carbon emissions (also bad and unnecessary).

We know we need to do more than just make waterless products to help with water poverty.

That’s why SBTRCT is proud to be a a strategic partners of the charity and social enterprise Frank Water’s as part of their Rainmaker Club, supporting them in their incredible work towards securing a future where the world’s water sources are protected from the impact of the climate crisis.

It’s also why, from this World Water Day until midnight on Sunday 29th March 2023, we’ll be donating 20% of all website sales to Frank Water.

Since 2005, Frank Water has provided clean, reliable drinking water, proper toilets, and good hygiene for over 450,000 people around the world.

Let’s work together to help a few more...

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