Solving for Zero

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We are delighted to announce our first charitable partnership with Project Zero. We wanted to take some time tell you a little more about the fantastic work they do and why we’re donating 20% of our sales this Black Friday weekend.

Black Friday just isn’t our thing.  
As SBTRCT our ethos, Less Is More, is at odds with much of what this time of year has come to mean. Black Friday is arguably the embodiment of all that is wrong with our culture of over-consumption. Rather than use this “event” to fuel the madness, we’ve chosen to go easy on the crazy offers and instead give 20% of our sales this weekend to a cause that is close to our hearts and doing great work… Project Zero.

The planet is in trouble but our ocean can help.
Project Zero is an organisation supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, culture makers, campaigners and ocean experts who are all working to awaken the fight to protect and restore the ocean.

The ocean is our planets life support system. Every second breath you take comes from the ocean. The ocean makes the clouds that make rain and snow to give us fresh water. Over one billion people daily rely on the ocean as a source of food, and countless others for their livelihoods. The ocean stores carbon and regulates the climate. The ocean gives us life. It represents 99% of all liveable space on our planet, yet only 2% is strongly protected. No ocean, no life. 

Showing the ocean some love.
Project Zero has set out to secure a global network of ocean sanctuaries to provide resilience to the devastating effects of the climate crisis. Stretching from Antarctica to the Bering Strait, and mapped out by the world's leading marine scientists, this global network of projects will be able to restore our ocean’s health, and set us on a sustainable path.

Like national parks in the water, each ocean sanctuary is a place where no one can drill, mine, fish or pollute to allow the ocean regain its power to mitigate the effects of climate change. In an explosion of biodiversity, fishes and invertebrates in ocean sanctuaries reproduce and grow to full size; this biodiversity is critical to the carbon cycle. Fish and their larvae immigrate to other areas of the ocean, securing a global food source that over a billion people rely on daily.

Each ocean sanctuary is a pearl in the global strand, each with its own unique characteristics, management plan and team on the ground; each requires many of the same processes and funding as their land-based counterparts.

Shop our products and help us support Project Zero.

You can find out more about Project Zero here.

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