Solid Skincare is not Soap

2 min read

You’ll find no soap here friends. 

When we set out to create a solid skincare brand we knew there was a challenge ahead of us. 

We recognised that the status quo is plastic pots and pumps that have been designed to give the false impression of value. Liquid creams and lotions bulked out with unnecessary added water have been the norm. 

Our formulations are solid in state and allow us to use the very best proven ingredients with as little waste as possible. 

We knew we would have to change perceptions when it came to using solid skincare for the first time.For many of us, the last time we used a solid product, it was in the form of a bar of soap that would dry our skin, lose it’s form and gradually make a mess of our sinks.  Anything but luxurious! 

But those days are long gone. 

So what’s different about SBTRCT? Well, soap is made by mixing an alkali, (typically sodium hydroxide), with oil or fat in a process known as saponification - this process is what gives soap a high alkaline pH >9, that can be drying on the skin and leave it feeling tight.

Our products never contain soap, or go through this process, and as such have a more balanced and skin-friendly pH. 

And this why, when creating our accessories to go alongside our products, it was important to us that they were not only beautiful but that they were designed using sustainable materials to both enhance the aesthetics of the products, but perhaps more importantly, their performance.

Our Diatomite Dish has been designed to store our Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

Our dishes are made from Diatomite, a regenerative form of fossilised algae. They are mould resistant, have antibacterial properties and are porous to ensure they absorb any excess water.

Our Bamboo Pot was created for our Facial Moisturising Balm.

Made from one of the planet’s most sustainable crops, this bamboo pot has been developed as the perfect home for our solid SBTRCT Facial Moisturising Balm keeping it cool and dry. The swivel lid makes it ideal for travel and the attached ribbon makes the bar easy to remove.

These accessories make the experience of solid skincare feel, look and smell luxurious.

You can now shop our accessories on their own or as part of a bundle with their corresponding products.