Psycho-dermatology….what is it?

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 Everyone seems to be talking about psycho-dermatology….what is it?

Psycho-dermatology is simply the interaction between mind & skin.

Stress and mental health can impact the skin - and skin disorders or problems can negatively impact mental health, so there is a cyclical relationship between the two.

The effect of stress on the skin should not be underestimated and can’t be treated with skincare alone.

Stress signalling pathways in our brains send signals to our adrenal glands to produce stress hormones and chemicals such as cortisol.

This can lead to inflammation, lowered immunity, and disruption of the skin’s barrier and microbiome.

As a result the skin is less able to defend itself leading to dryness, itching, premature aging and the worsening of underlying inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Managing stress can positively impact your skin.

A guided meditation or breathwork, yoga, having a bath, getting outside for a walk or run, sitting in nature, cooking a healthy and nutritious meal, cuddling a pet, putting your phone down can all be useful ways of managing stress.

Aim for these to be consistent. Consistency eventually builds habit and routine and stress management will show in your skin.

And of course, if you really are struggling with the impact of stress please reach out to an expert who can help.