At SBTRCT we set out to create beautiful products for beautiful souls. People who want to make a difference without compromising on having great skin or great design. We call this SBTRCTIVISM

Exceptional Formulations
Our handmade products are expertly formulated from scratch using the very best ingredients to give you the very best skin.  

We like natural ingredients and we will often use them, but just because something is natural, doesn't always make it the right choice for us, or the environment. Our philosophy is to use the very best that science and nature have to offer to create products that deliver on their sole intention exceptionally well. When we do use natural ingredients we try to select those that are in abundance and do not threaten the environment, wildlife or humankind. We specifically avoid the use of palm oil due to its contribution to deforestation around the world. 

A Solid State
Our products are solid in state and made by hand. This means that you get more of the very best skincare, all concentrated into a solid bar.  

Many skincare products today are around 70 - 80% water. We believe this means the skincare industry, like fashion, contributes greatly to water scarcity around the world, impacting the 844 million people who lack access to clean water. All the water you need to get the best out of our formulations you can get from a second or two under the tap. We do not see the point in adding more water to bulk out products, and we don’t believe we should be charging you for it either.

Although our cleansing products are solid bars it’s important to say that they are not soap. Instead they are based on naturally derived, palm oil free surfactants. These surfactants have an affinity for oils and repel water, surrounding dirt with small structures that can then be washed away. The main advantage our Cleansers have over soap is their lower, skin friendly pH (5.0 – 5.5), and as such they are far more suitable for cleansing sensitive skin.

Compostable Packaging
Another wonderful thing about solid products is that they negate the need for single use plastic packaging, recyclable or otherwise.

This has enabled us to create packaging for SBTRCT products (our Gentle Foaming Cleanser and our Moisturising Facial Balm) that is in fact domestically compostable. And we don’t mean it has to go through an industrial process to be broken down using machines that most recycling plants don’t have. We mean stick it on the compost heap, give it 90 days, pull on your gardening gloves and start planting your hardy perennials… our pleasure.

We also do our very best to keep our order packaging to a minimum. Our shipping materials are either compostable, and/or recyclable, including any packing tape or product protection.

This is just the start of our journey. Our goal is for our packaging to leave no trace. We will continue to work on this and introduce more domestically compostable packaging as we grow and evolve.

Creativity + Design
At SBTRCT creativity and design are very close to our hearts. We see the bathroom as an incredibly special space in our home. A place you go to change your state of mind and care for yourself. We design our products and accessories to enhance this space with designs that reduce clutter, use little space and store products effectively.