The Double Cleanse Skincare Routine

2 min read

A little while ago, we asked our Instagram followers if double cleansing was part of their skincare routine. 60% said YES and 40% said NO. Many of you messaged to say you were curious to know more. 

So why is double cleansing so important and what exactly is it? 

What is double cleansing? 

It is simply cleansing your face. Twice.

You know our ethos is #LessIsMore - so anything that simplifies and cuts out the fuss gets our vote. But why is it so important? 

Why are skincare experts raving about a ‘double cleanse routine’?

Probably because so much of the messaging around our skincare overcomplicates a simple process.

The idea of double cleansing is to use a product which contains quality oils and emulsifiers to remove makeup and dirt/sweat/your usual daily grime - from your face to provide a clean slate for your second cleanse to actually nourish and cleanse your skin. 

If you don’t properly clean your skin, the cleansing of your skin is simply ineffective no matter what cleanser you choose. 

The SBTRCT Double Cleanse Routine 

Understanding the need for simplicity and our mission to create effective, premium solid skincare we created the SBTRCT Makeup Melt with the double cleanse routine in mind. 

Pair it with our SBTRCT Gentle Foaming Cleanser and you have the ideal duo - they are all you need for a simple, effective double cleanse routine.

Here’s what to do... 

The Makeup Melt is specifically formulated to achieve optimum make-up removal results. Working gently and effectively with a two phase process:

  • Initially, the formula lifts make-up from your skin and lashes with its combination of oils and emulsifiers.

  • When mixing with water the second phase activates the emulsifiers and with a gentle surfactant, it removes all your makeup upon rinsing.

Now your face is clean, soft and ready to be cleansed. 

Now wet your face and rub the SBTRCT Gentle Foaming Cleanser in wet hands to lather.

Apply to your face and wash thoroughly - then rinse. 

Ready to make the switch to solid skincare with a new double cleanse routine? Shop our cleansing duo together and save £12 with our Double Cleanse Bundle deal.