The SBTRCT story so far: Fancy a coffee?

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Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has shaken up life as we know it. Even as we begin to hear rumblings of the lock down coming to an end, the uncertainty around our new reality can be all-consuming and unnerving at times.

But there have certainly been some positives. The most noticeable for me is people’s willingness to connect with total strangers, share their stories, offer support and stay positive, together.

As the founder of new solid skincare brand, SBTRCT, until CV-19, I was fully focused and getting excited about our May launch. However, after a lot of consideration, discussions with my team, investors and those we work with, I’ve now decided to push back the launch until September.

As disappointing as this initially felt, it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on my journey with SBTRCT so far. The reason behind the creation of a solid skincare brand, with intention, is not only interesting but it’s really important our community understand who is behind the brand and the reason for its creation.

It has never been my intention to write a blog about the creation of SBTRCT, but with this additional time, and as I continue to prepare for launch, I’ve been inspired to share the story so far on the SBTRCT blog. That inspiration came from an unlikely source - two people I’d never met or spoken to until last week.

Huw Thomas and Becky Okell are two incredible individuals running a great company called the Paynter Jacket. One thing they have done a fantastic job of, aside from making the perfect workwear jacket, is sharing their journey. When I saw their invitation for a coffee and a Zoom in their latest newsletter, I jumped at the opportunity to chat to the founders.

We spoke about their story and how they’re adapting, like all businesses, to the economic challenges we face as a result of CV-19 - like me, Huw and Becky have chosen to push back the launch of their 4th batch of jackets until later this year. (check out Batch No.3 here, if you want to get excited about what’s coming next).

Just a quick chat with like-minded people made me feel motivated and hopeful. So, as well as sharing the SBTRCT story with you all here on the blog, I’m also extending the offer of a coffee and a Zoom to anyone else who might need it to get through these next few weeks. Just fill in your details and I'll be in touch.

You can also follow SBTRCT over on Instagram @sbtrctskincare.

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