SBTRCT x The Vegan Society

1 min read

We are so happy to share that SBTRCT has received an official accreditation from The Vegan Society.    

The accreditation is a process that independently verifies that all of our vegan skincare ingredients are derived from non-animal sources.

It was really important to SBTRCT to have the official Vegan Society trademark to enable transparency, but most importantly, to ensure that our Vegan customers can purchase all our vegan skincare products with confidence.

There are so many ingredients frequently used in the production of skincare which are NOT accredited Vegan and scientific terms for ingredients are not always easy to recognise or navigate. 

The Vegan Society trademark is a shorthand to reassure that SBTRCT has not included any ingredients derived wholly or partly from animals in our formulations or development (and that we have never tested on animals).

We have always manufactured our products to be Vegan Skincare, but we didn’t want to shout too loud about it until we had received the official stamp of approval.

But now we are shouting loud!