September 07, 2021 2 min read


What a journey it has been. 

Here’s everything (well, the things worth sharing) we’ve learned...

Take the leap
We were hoping to launch in May 2020 but the pandemic paused the world. We considered pushing our launch back another year but we didn’t know what the future would hold - so we took a leap of faith and we’re so pleased we did. Fear of failure is often what holds people back. It was realising that success could be found in the experience of creating SBTRCT that gave us the courage to launch.

Formulating the products, meeting new people, creating the brand and even making the mistakes, is all part of the process.

Believe in people and they’ll believe in you
Never count people out. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown by those close to us, and even complete strangers. We couldn’t do without it. Show others the passion behind what you’re doing and you’ll be surprised by what comes your way.

Nothing changes if nothing changes
To have a real impact on our environment, our approach has to be different to what went before. If you are creating something new, you have the ability to change the way things are done. We can all get too comfortable and set in our ways but if you tell the right story and show enough belief and passion, people will come on the journey with you.

When you can, be first
Don’t be afraid to offer something new. We launched our solid skincare range when the skincare products of choice for many people were creams and lotions, encased in plastic packaging and bulked out with water. Our offering is unique and just this summer we launched the world’s first solid Retinoid balm.

We regularly get feedback from our customers and social media following. As we aren’t a huge corporation, we are able to take feedback onboard and adapt quickly to give our customers what they want. We now know how valuable this is and will make sure we keep listening as we grow.

Say, “thank you”
A small favour, a recommendation, feedback - whatever it is that people give to you. Remember to show your gratitude and consider how you can help that person in return.

Have fun
Whatever you’re working on, don’t forget to prioritise and appreciate the joy you get from it.

Less Is More.
#LessIsMore is still our guiding principle. It’s the reason our founder started SBTRCT (more on that here) and it rings true to everything we do today.

All that is left to say is THANK YOU, to you, our loyal customers.

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