Meet the Founder: Francesca Pappacoda, Salt Studios

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We’re excited to bring you our first collaboration. A collection of hand-crafted dishes created in partnership with Salt Studios

We joined forces with Francesca Pappacoda, the founder of Salt Studios to create a limited-edition range of dishes for the SBTRCT cleansing products.

Francesca incorporated Salt's signature terrazzo aesthetic and cast by hand, in a gypsum based eco resin. Created in a colour palette that complements the colour of each SBTRCT cleansing bar, this collection is the perfect way to elevate your bathroom space.

To celebrate, we sat down with Francesca to learn more about her and her businesses…

Tell us about yourself?

I grew up in London and I now live in South East London where my studio is based. I live with my partner and a group of drag performers. Our house is usually filled with the next prop or set piece - I go to every show they do! If I’m not running a workshop or seeing a show, I’ll be at an exhibition or catching up with friends.

Why did you start Salt Studios? 

Before I started my business, I was a painter. A couple of years after graduating university, I wanted to create a small business to support my art practice. My work has always focused on the acts of making and colour exploration, so when I started to explore product design, I transferred a lot of these key elements into my designs. My business has allowed me to take everything I loved about my painting practice and put it into something that I can keep growing and building.

Since starting Salt Studios in 2017 my business has organically grown overtime, I started trading at markets and selling my work in shops across London, such as Paul Smith, Tate Shops and The Design Museum. I'm now working on bespoke commissions, making furniture and other wonderful custom pieces for people.

What has been the most exciting thing that’s happened in your journey so far?  

I think my new steps into bespoke work and commissions are some of my favourite aspects of business so far. Each brief is different, challenging and strengthens me artistically. I get to reimagine my style each time with a different outcome.

What’s been the most challenging? 

I think making the transition to making my business a full-time job has been the most challenging. Each step I take to grow my business takes a lot of time and dedication, something I’m very proud of achieving. With that can be a lot of weekends spent sweating in the studio but, I wouldn’t have it any other way!         

Tell us about the SBTRCT x Salt Studio collaboration?

For me the SBTRCT brand has everything I love in a product and company, they’re branding is impeccable. I was very excited to marry our two ideals together to make something beautiful and I really think we did! I think collaborating is how you keep things exciting and challenging as a business owner.

The SBTRCT x Salt Studios range is available to shop now