H2No! - Water scarcity and the skincare industry

1 min read

Many skincare creams and lotions today are around 70%-80% water.

We believe this means the skincare industry, like fashion, contributes greatly to water scarcity around the world, impacting the 844 million people who lack access to clean water.

SBTRCT formulations contain less than 0.5% water. We do not see the point in adding more water as a cheap base to bulk out products. When removing it, it serves to leave active ingredients and oils which result in a far more potent offering meaning better performance and greater value for our customers.

Our conscious customers are ahead of the curve and are looking for products formulated with very little water, or those that can be used without, (or with less), water.

Our Moisturising Facial Balm needs nothing but a massage in warm hands to activate it and all the water you need to get the best out of our Gentle Foaming Cleanser you can get from a second or two under the tap.

With all that said, we also recognise that water is required to farm, harvest and ship raw materials and manufacture products. Even print packaging contributes significantly to a product’s water footprint.

We’re committed to continue our work with our supply chain to address this and pledge to take a water-responsible approach to the development of our range.