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At the end of last year, skincare journalists, influencers and industry bodies were all predicting the top skincare and beauty trends set to explode in 2022.

Condensed beauty, already rising in popularity *cough* that’s us *cough*, is one such trend set to take the skincare industry by storm.

But why? As your pioneers of high-performing, sustainable, solid skincare - let us break it down for you…

Better value

Traditional skincare lotions and creams can be anything between 60 and 80% water. That’s water that could be put to far better use and water that you shouldn’t be paying for.

Condensed beauty formulations allow us to create products with minimal or zero added water. Instead, you can consciously add water at home (if required) PLUS you’re getting only the very best ingredients without unnecessary water bulking things out. Not only does that mean better skincare results but  a longer lasting product. 

Plastic free packaging 

Being solid in state means creators of condensed beauty can move away from plastic bottles, tubes, pumps and sprays considering other packaging options instead. We’re committed to our packaging being 100% plastic free. All our core skincare products are packed in domestically compostable cartons and where packaging is not compostable, it is always widely recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Starting from scratch means ethics can come first…

We set out to create condensed bars and balms, providing everything your skin needs, without the waste the planet doesn’t.

Big beauty corporations have all had to go back to the drawing board to create condensed beauty options by slowly reversing out of formulation, manufacturing and packaging practices. Whereas, start-ups are able to create products from scratch with full visibility of the challenges the industry needs to solve. 

As an example, the SBTRCT range is plastic free, palm oil free and has zero added water. It is vegan friendly and is certified cruelty free.

Travel friendly 

Condensed beauty makes travel just that little bit easier! Helping to avoid those oh-so-annoying liquid limits on flights and the faff at security as you have grab yet another single-use plastic bag the world doesn’t need. 

Our skincare is specifically designed with travel in mind. Whether you’re taking it along to the gym or away on a trip, our accompanying (sustainable) accessories mean you can take your existing condensed skincare along with you rather than shopping for unnecessary ‘holiday’ essentials.

Curious about condensed beauty? View the SBTRCT range here